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"The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the Federal point of contact for emergency management programs in both peace and war. FEMA works directly with State and local governments and others in the entire emergency management community to lessen the potential affects of disasters and to increase emergency response programs. The Agency supports State and local government emergency planning, preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery programs. As necessary, FEMA provides, funding, technical assistance and resources, equipment and direct Federal support. Ensuring effective emergency communications in times of crisis is also a FEMA responsibility. To ensure that these actions are as responsive as possible to emergencies of all types, FEMA has developed an Integrated Emergency Management System, or IEMS. This system was created after FEMA reviewed response actions to natural disasters and other hazards. FEMA found elements of emergency response were common to all emergencies … elements such as communications, population evacuation and sheltering, law enforcement and direction and control. IEMS recognizes that basic emergency capabilities are required as a foundation for response to any emergency. This system advances each level of preparedness as a building block for dealing with the next level of emergency intensity. It is strongly believed that Integrated Emergency Management System holds great promise for across-the-board improvement in emergency capabilities at all levels of government. In emergency information programs (communications and Automated Data Processing (ADP) systems), FEMA is responsible for the centralized control and daily management of the National Emergency Management System (NEMS) which provides a nationwide infrastructure at the Federal, regional and State levels for various information and communications systems and networks. This manual provides the basic description of the FEMA NEMS, its concepts and status, and is provided as an information mechanism to keep you apprised of our efforts in this critical area."

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